Praise for XZA: A Novel

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“Jessie provides an intriguing foil for Xan; although they’re at different stages in their lives, both question why they’re staying in their respective relationships... the author does skillfully keep the two main plots and multiple supporting characters clear and cohesive while also weaving in passages from XZA’s books... Leuthold’s insights into the transformative power of literature keep the narrative from becoming predictable.” - Kirkus Reviews

 Praise for Steampunk Carnival

"Cassandra is tasteful with her story and the way she mixes gears and glamour with the story line. 

"The corsets aren't thrown in just to be part of the fad, and the story can stand on its own two feet without needing to have all the other bells and whistles (although, the steam elements are delightfully fun). The characters feel dynamic without being overly done, and the pacing and writing are handled well. The story itself is interesting: like some of my favorite novels, the mystery is woven into the story and lets the reader slowly piece things together on their own. I also enjoy that Cassandra doesn't overdo some of the world-building elements like other authors.
Katya is also an interesting character. She feels feminine, yet capable, and doesn't feel "perfect"; there is something I found believable about her. Having a good character like this made it easy to engage in the story." - Steampunk Sparrow's Book Blog 

"I absolutely loved Steampunk Carnival – it’s an utterly charming cozy mystery in a Victorian setting. The Steampunk element comes from the marvellous carnival rides, with their coal-burning engines powering everything from the slow, and ponderous big wheel, to the faster rollercoasters. Modern Steampunk fashion has been blended into the mix, with brass, cogs, and timepieces aplenty.

"The character growth is fab, and each person comes in to his or her own during the course of the book (or they’re revealed to be the utter weasel that they really are). The plot flows smoothly, with no jumps or confusing moments, and the dialogue is crisp and relevant to the action." - The Hellvis Compendium

"This novel is such a cute little gem.

"...The writing style is likeable, with no added fluff, but neither is it sharp and simple. It's pretty and elegant in style. And works so well. The characters are full of spunk and personality. You like each and every one of them. Even the ones you are meant to hate. They're all colourful and spring out from the pages. Especially Katya.

"...It was an enjoyable read and I had fun with it. Some of the characters - one in particular - reminded me of a friend, and it had me laughing and shaking my head.

"...I give this novel 4 out of 5 moons. Go read it! You won't be disappointed!" - Bit'N Book Promoters

Praise for Harlequin
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"Somewhat peculiar but never uninteresting, HARLEQUIN propels itself forward in an easy-to-read manner with a strong but not in-your-face style. Unique and descriptive, it's a solid hour's read, and it sucked me right in." - Nicholas J. Ambrose, author of the Ruby Celeste series

Praise for Deadhill

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"Another really enjoyable short story from Cassandra Leuthold. The writing has an eerie, haunting vibe (which is perfect for late night, in-the-dark reading), and the storytelling is clear but subtle in its worldbuilding; no quick, in-your-face exposition to cut corners. Having read other works by Cassandra, I feel it's a great strength she possesses, and one which kept me reading Deadhill in one sitting." - Nicholas J. Ambrose, author of the Ruby Celeste series

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