Demonslayer/urban fantasy

Mysterious psychic powers bring out the best - and worst - in counselor Joshua Thompson and a host of others. Download the first issue for free!

Book 1: Every Hero Has Demons

  Psychic powers give you more questions than answers.

  Is it better to lie that you’re good or be honest you’re bad?

   As Demonslayer, 8th-grade counselor Joshua Thompson helps people get over the memories that hurt them the most.  But it doesn’t mean his life is perfect or that he knows where his psychic power came from.  Meeting someone with her own unexplained ability could rekindle Joshua’s hope in humanity, or trying to be like her could leave him wrestling with a whole new choice. 

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Book 2: Always Hurt the Ones You Love

   If book 1 was the calm, here comes the storm.

   Violent enemies. Strange news stories mounting by the minute. Joshua’s old wounds. When Harbinger’s true motives change the game, there’s only one question left:

    Which side are you on?

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