Short Stories


  When does real life get better than daydreams?

  Sylvester is seven years old when he tries on his great-grandfather's harlequin mask. And he never wants to take it off.

  At thirty, Sylvester still wears masks, preferring privacy and anonymity to a normal life.

  Then his friend gets an idea: Sylvester should meet Mara, a burlesque dancer who wears masks in her acts.

  Sylvester doesn't want to meet her.
  Then he gives in.
  And everything Sylvester doesn't know begins to work against him.

  Harlequin is a standalone short story about the parts of childhood we try to bring with us, the dangers of obsession, and the power of love.

  "Harlequin" also contains a sample poem from Joshua R. Leuthold's chapbook, Long Day in Rehab.

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  Love and murder rock a village struggling to survive.

  When death cuts a young man's promising life short, Rowena Necroden must navigate the community's grief and shock to keep peace in Bonehinge. Meanwhile, the relationship she cherishes with the vivacious Persephone Hillcroft continues to draw disapproval, creating treacherous ground as she investigates Persephone's possible involvement in the killing.

  Deadhill is a standalone fantasy short story about the hard choices between one's heart and the good of the group.

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My Best Friend's Diary

  Growing up is hard to do.

  Every member of the Mills family has something to hide except Mary Ann, diligent housewife and mother of two. When her mother's illness calls her out of town, she leaves her family wide open to the wiles of her friend, Sheila, who has secret desires of her own.

  My Best Friend's Diary is a standalone short story exploring the modern American family, sexuality, fidelity, and the turbulence of coming of age.

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