Inside Demonslayer: Talisman, Real Name Unknown

There are a lot of unknowns about Talisman. The questions start when Joshua and Lana first meet him and Harbinger.

¿Qué quieren ustedes?” Harbinger muttered, her irritation clear in any language.
The young man stepped up to her side. “What do you want?” he asked in a much more easygoing tone.
“What are you, her translator?” Demonslayer asked him.

And nobody really gets a clear answer to that. Are Harbinger and Talisman friends? Distant relatives? Coworkers? Just causing havoc together?

Chris Colfer could play the perfect Talisman. (Photo courtesy of Twitter.)

Which raises another question. Is Talisman even causing any problems, or does he just accompany Harbinger while she creates chaos?

Talisman has literally 2 lines in Demonslayer serial #1, Every Hero Has Demons. He translates for Harbinger, and later, he introduces himself.

But his presence and his passiveness haunt Joshua and Lana as much as Harbinger’s rage does. Why doesn’t he speak up more? Why doesn’t he use his power more?

Talisman’s power seems to hold the most untapped potential out of the four of them. Like a much-needed good-vibes charm, Talisman can spread empathy by transferring one person’s feelings into somebody else. He could use his gift to make an abuser feel what they inflict on their victims, but why isn’t he?

And is he too young to find himself caught in the middle of all this violence and confusion?

Talisman’s a gentle soul for sure. What sides of his personality hide in him is another question only time can answer.

If you still need to check out serial #1, visit the Demonslayer page and grab it for FREE where you most like to download books. Already acquainted with the series? Do you think Talisman will turn out to be a villain or a hero?

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