Inside Demonslayer: Lana Bendix, AKA Guardian

One moment in Demonslayer serial #1 sums up the way Lana Bendix approaches the world. After joking with her boyfriend about his funky, colorful ties, she turns a little serious.

Lana straightened his tie for him, left crooked by running his hand over it. “It’s refreshing when people are themselves.”
“Really?” Sam asked with a humored breath.
Lana plunged into the depths of his eyes. “You should always be yourself, Sam. It’s important to bring your truest self into the world. Nobody else can do that.”

Lana, AKA Guardian, is many things within Every Hero Has Demons. She’s kind, understanding, and patient. She also shows strength in the face of adversity, sets clear boundaries, and isn’t always shy about grabbing what she wants.

Janel Parrish would make a great Lana. (Image from IMDB.)

Like Joshua, she uses her power to help people. But she’s his opposite in many ways. She retains hope for humanity. She’s shared the truth about her special ability with a few people, so she doesn’t struggle quite as much with having it. She’s usually in a good mood, trying to move beyond her past pains, and lifting others up with her.

Do you remember the movie The Family Man from 2000? In one of the commentaries, someone said his job was to make the wife/love interest (played by the lovely, spirited Tea Leoni) into the romantic ideal. She had to appeal to everybody – beautiful, spontaneous, and loving. I think that describes Lana. Her positive attitude and genuineness attract friends and potential boyfriends alike.

Lana represents the best of what people can be. She’s resilient without being bitter – hopeful without being na├»ve. Life throws her curveballs, but she chooses not to withdraw. At the same time, she has her ups and downs. She’s a good person, but we can identify with her.

Lana’s ability works on a different level than Joshua’s. Instead of forming a mind-to-mind connection, Lana relaxes into her Guardian persona to protect people. She imagines a white light surrounding and shielding her subject. It soothes and empowers as well as providing physical protection. She can use it on herself, someone else, or several people at once. Every Hero Has Demons even shows how she can use her ability with Joshua’s to make a greater impact.

Protection makes an interesting ability because it’s something we worry about all the time. It’s the reason we lock doors, carry pepper spray, buy insurance, and shy away from risky ventures. We want to protect ourselves, our investments, and the people we love.

Lana’s power taps into the most basic areas of feeling protected: physical and emotional. It’s easy to see why she feels guilty for taking time off from using it. Crimes abound in real life and in the Demonslayer city of Ashton. For someone like Lana who appreciates safety and security, she wants to spread those feelings around as much as she can.

In a broader sense, Lana becomes a symbol of what Joshua used to be. She shows him a future where he can be like her again. And of course, there’s the pesky business of whether or not they like each other, and where that might lead.

If you still need to check out serial #1, visit the Demonslayer page and grab it for FREE where you most like to download books. Already acquainted with the series? How would you use Lana's power if you had it?

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