Inside Demonslayer: Harbinger, Real Name Unknown

Just as every good story has its heroes, it has its villains.

Harbinger invokes trouble and violence even before Joshua and Lana meet her. For all the concern they show for the people injured and the bystanders nearby, Harbinger holds only disdain.

Lana asks, “What did they do to deserve this?”
Harbinger spares a glance at the chaotic scene. “Most people are assholes. I’m sure they did something.”

Angélica Celaya would play the perfect Harbinger. (Photo courtesy of NBC.)
At the end of Every Hero Has Demons, Harbinger remains shadowed in mystery. She doesn’t give her real name. Joshua and Lana walk away knowing very little about her. She’s a willful woman of Latin-American descent standing tall in black boots and creating more smoke from her cigarette than the fires of Hell.

What Joshua and Lana do know about Harbinger gives them a lot to think - and worry - about.

Harbinger’s power, whatever it actually is, lets her know when someone is committing acts she doesn’t approve of. Unlike Joshua (who would uncover the problem’s source) and Lana (who would protect and comfort the victims), Harbinger doesn’t believe in “touchy-feely bullshit.” She reacts in vengeance, swift and sure.

What this means for Joshua, Lana, and the unsuspecting citizens of Ashton, they can only guess.

As a writer, crafting Harbinger’s character has taken me on some unexpected journeys. In one sense, it’s a dream come true. I’ve wanted to write a bilingual character since I started learning Spanish in 6th grade. (My first such character was soft-spoken, caring Maria, one of a group of young people living on the streets. It was a project I started in my mid-teens, never finished, and will probably never release.)

Harbinger is the exact opposite of Maria, outspoken and commanding, but she still gives me the chance to express my love of the language. Her Spanglish grants Demonslayer a flavor it wouldn’t have otherwise, and it gives her character added depth. It lets me play with the idea of what it means to communicate. Speaking Spanish lets her say what she wants without it always being clear to others.

In a bigger way, I’m grateful for Harbinger’s feisty personality. When I started fleshing her out about 8 years ago, she was only meant to be a villain. She was pretty two-dimensional. But as I worked on her character, dug into her background, and expanded the story beyond issue #1’s borders, Harbinger took on the fullness of life that her attitude always demanded.

My advice with Harbinger? Sit back and enjoy the ride. She’s a rebel with a cool eye and a hot temper. With Joshua already keeping a few secrets from Lana, a woman like Harbinger can only stir the pot.

If you still need to check out serial #1, visit the Demonslayer page and grab it for FREE where you most like to download books. Already acquainted with the series? What do you think Harbinger's next move will be?

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