Free Demonslayer Comes to Nook!

For the first time ever, one of my ebooks is available on Barnes & Noble for the Nook e-reader.  You can grab it for free here.  (Middle school counselor Joshua Thompson starts out as a good guy, but will he stay one?  Hmmm...)

I never realized B&N also provides you with a handy online reader to read ebooks in.  It's a really easy way to enjoy any Nook book without owning or using the device itself.

The rest of the Demonslayer series will join #1 on B&N as I release the books.  Other places to find Demonslayer are listed on its page here, although Amazon still hasn't turned it free.  If you've got five seconds to help me out with that, click here to learn more.  I'd appreciate it!

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