Demonslayer: Every Hero Has Demons Cover Reveal

I love cover reveal days!  You get to see what I've been working on, but it's not out yet, so there's just a bit of tension to carry us through to release day.

I love Demonslayer.  The story and its characters have really grown into something I'm proud to share.  It burrows down into our souls because we all have ways we feel lesser than the people around us, but we all have ways we can help that no one else can.  I've been working on this story on and off for about half my life - about 15 years - so it's awesome to see the story on the page finally meet my best vision for it.

Here's the cover and summary for serial #1, Every Hero Has Demons!

Is it better to lie that you’re good or be honest you’re bad?

As Demonslayer, 8th-grade counselor Joshua Thompson helps people get over the memories that hurt them the most.  But it doesn’t mean his life is perfect or that he knows where his psychic power came from.  Meeting someone with her own unexplained ability could rekindle Joshua’s hope in humanity, or trying to be like her could leave him wrestling with a whole new choice.

I still plan on releasing it for FREE by the end of the year.  If you're interested and want to make sure you find out when Demonslayer's available, sign up for my newsletter.  You get access to my free book sampler, too.

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