The Only 2-Year-Old Who Should Get Bling

2 years ago, I announced I was restarting my publishing career with a short story called My Best Friend's Diary.”  I gave it the best cover I could, being fairly new to graphic design and not knowing what else to do.  (Just as we don't learn to read in a day, we don't learn to write or publish that quickly, either.)

Since it's one of my most popular titles, I decided it deserved a more interesting, stylish cover.  It just happened to coincide with the 2-year anniversary of pushing my story out into the world.

So here it is, bling and all, already updated on Amazon:

If you'd told me I'd one day publish a book with this much pink and sparkle on the cover, I never would've believed you.  But it works for the story, and my tomboy side is definitely strong enough to handle my girly days.

To check out the story and see if you qualify to read it free, click over to Amazon here.  If you already own it, I've contacted Amazon about giving us all the update.

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