Why Should You Read Steampunk Carnival?

With the blog tour almost officially over, all that's left is to plug the ebook giveaway one last time and share some interview questions there wasn't room to post before.

Here's one more chance to get yourself (and 4 friends!) free ebooks of Steampunk Carnival:

And because some people are interested in why they should read my book, who I am, and where the Steam World series will go, here are the final 3 interview questions of the tour:

Why did you choose a carnival as the book's main setting?

The earliest idea I had for this book was of a carnival where the rides and attractions were powered by steam.  I didn’t have a clue what story could take place there. Around that same time, I developed the characters of Katya and Magdalene.  I knew I wanted them to be close friends despite their different personalities, and I pictured them standing back to back, ready to take on the world.  When I decided to mix the setting with the two young women, the story took off from there.

In the end, I’m glad I staged most of the action at a carnival.  Because of its size, I packed a lot of interesting people and thrilling rides into it.  But the rides and buildings also provide shadows, niches, and secrecy, where some of the darker moments of the book take place.  Especially for the scene where Katya and Maddox enjoy some of the carnival attractions, I relied on all the summers I spent on spinning rides and smaller coasters at Six Flags, Indiana Beach, and the La Porte County Fair.  Memories that were always a lot of fun became really useful.

Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

Steampunk Carnival is great for adults who are young at heart or like a good mix of romance and mystery in the stories they read.  I wrote this book with one intent: to make the Victorian era as easy to relate to and understand as the world we’re used to now.  So you don’t have to be a history buff or a steampunk enthusiast to dive into my book and feel comfortable in Katya’s world.  It’s perfect for people intrigued by the story who are new to the genre and also for people looking for something new who already embrace it. 

As Steampunk Carnival is part of the Steam World series, will we see more of Katya and the Carnival?

Actually, no.  Katya and the success of the carnival set some things in motion for the rest of the series and get mentioned in other books, but I picked the title Steam World because that’s where the other books will take us.  Most of them will probably take place in the United States, but some will journey to other countries around the world.  I won’t spoil too much about book 2, but I will say the innovative technology powering the carnival inspires interesting leaps forward for air travel.  The heroine is Katya’s opposite in many ways, and her story centers around pulling off a heist instead of solving mysteries.

A huge thanks to anybody and everybody connected with my tour!  It was my first, and a pretty good one, and I'm excited to see what future tours will hold.  Join my mailing list on the right or from the Connect With Me page to stay updated on Steampunk Carnival (print version still to come!) and the rest of the Steam World books.

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