Spotlight on One of my Favorite Steampunk Etsy Shops

Back in September, I hosted a list of my top 5 favorite steampunk-related shops on Etsy.  (I'll link to the post later in case you missed it, but first I want you to check this one out.)

Alison of Velvet Mechanism has very graciously given me some of her time to answer questions about her shop and our common obsession with steampunk.  Without further ado, here's a well-timed throwback to Steampunk Summer:

The Shop: Velvet Mechanism
What Will Wow You:  Jewelry, accessories, cufflinks, corsets, and harnesses

Alison had some amazing insight into her love of the genre:  "One of the things I find most inspiring about steampunk are the fine details that you see in the costuming and jewelry - there's often a lot of layering, and complex mechanisms with very intricate parts. I also really enjoy the creativity that you see in the scene. Right now it feels like there's a lot of energy going into exploring the bounds of what can be done with the genre, mixing and matching various time periods and geographic regions. It's really inspiring!"

Photo courtesy of Velvet Mechanism
When I asked Alison if she had a favorite item in her shop, she answered like most passionate artists would: "Honestly, this is going to be difficult for me. I end up keeping for myself a number of pieces that I make, because I like them so much! I really enjoy taking non-working vintage materials and giving them a new life - a new chance to be seen and appreciated. Necklaces, as a category, are some of my favorite creations in my store, but I don't think I can narrow it down to just one favorite style, so I'm going to go in a completely different direction and choose a pair of cufflinks for my answer. In particular, this pair (pictured).

"I really like how this pair turned out! Finding perfectly matched vintage watches is a difficult feat - you have to go through so many watches in order to find even a vague match. I enjoy encouraging more men to wear cufflinks. They look so stylish and sophisticated. My husband owns, and wears, several pairs of my cufflinks. I have a range of cufflink styles and prices in my store."

Consider me sold on cufflinks and pretty much everything else in Velvet Mechanism (a perfect name for the store, by the way).  The wide selection of necklaces covers art nouveau, filigree, sea monsters, gothic, and other gorgeous themes.

A huge thanks to Alison for her participation in this project!  The rest of my top 5 shops are featured here.  Stay tuned for more steampunk adventures - I'll post details about the Steampunk Carnival blog tour and giveaway by Sunday.

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