Love On a Roller Coaster

Day 9 of the blog tour!  Almost there - only 2 days left to win the free ebooks of Steampunk Carnival, and more entries get added every day.

Today, I'm being hosted by Moonbeams Over Atlanta, a book blog with an eye toward love, romance, and erotica.  You can read an excerpt of my book there - of Katya getting to know Maddox better while they ride the carnival together - as well as some interview questions I answered.  (What's the best comment a reader ever gave me?  Where do I like to write?  And what's the hardest thing I've ever done?)  My excerpt might focus on the growing romance between Katya and Maddox, but to find out where that goes (hint: a little closer to the erotica side), you'll have to read the book.

So get hooked on that excerpt and make sure to enter the giveaway!

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