Free Books, Reviews, and Interviews - Oh, my!


It's official!  For 10 whole days starting tomorrow, you can choose your own fun ways to participate in the Steampunk Carnival blog tour hosted by the amazing Bit'N Book Tours.

I'll be featured on a different blog each day, and every host will have something different to share about my book.  I've answered their most pressing interview questions, written a few guest posts, and shared some of the songs I think describe the story.  Ice, Bit'N's graphic designer, even turned some of my favorite book quotes into cool pics.  (Pinterest lovers, get your Pin It buttons ready!)

Most of all, what every blog will have in common is the chance to win 1 of 5 ebook copies I'm giving away of Steampunk Carnival.  So make sure you enter and let your friends know so they can enter, too.

I'll be starting out at The La La Land of Books tomorrow with an interview and book excerpt.  Enjoy the ride!

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