Blog Tour and Giveaway: Weekend Edition

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I needed a day off.  I've been working hard on the second book in the Steam World series, partly because of everyone's enthusiasm about book 1, Steampunk Carnival.  So let's see what's been on the menu for the blog tour this weekend, shall we?

Yesterday, my guest post about the ways steampunk inspires me went live on the Ink Of My Heart blog.  It also shared the 2nd graphic of the tour:

The murder of Mr. Lieber scares and haunts Katya for a good part of the book.  As head of carnival security and a brusque, hotheaded German, he's pretty intimidating.  It would take someone big and strong to kill him, right?  (You'll just have to read the book and see.  Enter the giveaway to win one of the 5 ecopies I'm giving away!)

Today, I'm spreading the love by being in two places at once.  I have a brief interview posted on The Invisible Child.  What was the hardest part of writing my book?  What did I learn from it?  And what's my advice for other writers?  Find out at The Invisible Child.

If you'd rather just see a nice, short promo of my book on the dark background of a multi-genre book blog, check out Ashley's Paranormal Book Blog.

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