Reader Appreciation Week: Best 7 Places to Find Free Books

After 3 months of Steampunk Summer, you either have 1 of 2 reactions right now.  You miss it, and you're ready for the next one.  (Yes, there will be more!)  Or Victorian steam talk wasn't your thing, and you're ready to move on.  I understand you all completely.

So I thought this first post of fall should be for readers of all kinds.  Fiction and nonfiction.  Paperback and ebook.  And definitely for those on a budget.  Let's say a budget allowing only free books.

Here's a list of the best 7 places I know of to find free books online.  (And by the end of the year, I'll have a free offering for you as well.  Sign up for my newsletter on the right or under Connect with Me so you don't miss out!)

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Amazon has numerous free ebooks available in every category under the sun.  The 100 bestselling free ebooks are here, but you can find the most popular free ebooks in any category from there.  You can also do a keyword search for whatever interests you and sort the results to start with the least expensive (i.e., free).

One Hundred Free Books posts multiple free ebooks every day in a wide range of categories.  It's a free, useful service for readers who don't want to spend time combing through Amazon.  Every book they share is free - just double check before you buy to make sure a special deal hasn't ended.  You can sign up for email alerts through their website as well as follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites.

Freado is an interesting site.  The books shared here are an eclectic mix of genres as well as offerings from independent and traditionally published authors.  You can play games to earn points and use them to bid on ebooks and paperbacks, but some giveaways cost nothing.  Other books are automatically won by those who excel at the games.  Find out about current giveaways here.

Smashwords is a publishing site for independent authors that, like Amazon, has thousands of free ebooks to choose from.  (Over 45,000 right now!)  Click here to look at the newest free ebooks.  You can also search by bestsellers, highest rated, book length, and other options.

LibraryThing lets authors and publishers give away free ebooks and paper books.  You can maintain virtual bookshelves there, connect with other readers, and rate/review the books you've read.  With over 674,000 books already handed out, why wait?  Join LibraryThing here and get started browsing the available books - some have dozens of copies available, some only have 1.

Goodreads operates on the same principle as LibraryThing.  Stock a virtual library of books you've read, let others know what you thought of them, and enter to win giveaways.  Goodreads at this time only lists giveaways for paperback books not ebooks, so for the page-turning crowd, this is perfect.  Here are the giveaways ending soonest.  You can also search for those most requested, written by popular authors, and most recently listed.

BookBub is another ebook promotion site in the spirit of One Hundred Free Books.  What's great about BookBub is that you can customize what genres they email you about.  They pride themselves on only sharing high quality ebooks. To sign up and get started, go here.

Feel free to share this list and comment on where you like to get free books!

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