The Official Green Hill Press Shop Opens on Etsy

After months of procrastination - and figuring out that my postal scale is giving me excessively high readings for book weights - the Green Hill Press shop is open on Etsy.com.  Thank you for your patience!

You'll find paperback copies of my novel, XZA, along with copies of Josh's poetry chapbook, Long Day in Rehab.  You can even choose signed or unsigned.

If you see this banner, you're in the right place:


GreenHillPress was taken as a shop name even though that shop doesn't exist anymore, so the name of our shop is GreenHillBooks.  As we publish more books in print, we'll add them to the shop as we're able.  Quantities are limited, so grab them up, and we'll order more.  We appreciate your support and hope you're looking forward to owning your own copies of our books.

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