Steampunk Summer Blog Event Starts Next Wednesday

Two weeks ago, I promised steampunk for the summer.  Starting next Wednesday, the first hump day of summer, this blog will be the official one-stop destination for all things steampunk.

Music, book reviews, author interviews, fashions, accessories, and anything else I can pack into 13 weeks, including, of course, an exploration of what steampunk actually is.

At some point along the way, I'll reveal the cover for my upcoming book, Steampunk Carnival, and let you know when it's available.  I'll share the unique backstory of how two characters I cut from completely unrelated books became the heroines of Steampunk Carnival and how a birthday vacation gave me extra inspiration.

Feel free to share this blog with any goggle-owning, airship-steering, bustle-cursing friends.  It's going to be a wild ride but, I know, a fun one.

Time to clean the engines and sew unused watch parts onto everything!  Here's the participant badge to look out for this summer:

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