Guest Blogging

In the next few weeks, you might see my words on other people's blogs.

About a month ago, I applied to be one of 15 authors to participate in a new program to learn how to reach out to other bloggers about being a guest on their site.  Coming up with new content every week isn't as easy as it looks. Being a guest blogger is a great way to create content so other bloggers don't have to and maybe gain a few new followers in the process.

I got accepted - woohoo! - and I'm slowly but surely working my way toward expanding my reach and giving a new audience the chance to read my thoughts.  As always, I'll link to those posts here so you, the wonderful followers I already have, can see what comes out of this.

I don't know exactly what the topics will be yet, but it could be anything from food in fiction to how I create worlds in the fantasy genre.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, leave them here or on Facebook.

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