Ever Wonder How (TV) Writers Work?

I'd be lying if I said I never tried to write a television pilot.  But I'd also be lying if I said it was easy or I'd ever finish it.  Books are what I do, and that's where I'm staying.

But what about the people who write for TV and are good at it?  Terrific, even?

Josh and I stumbled across a little gem of a show called "The Writers' Room" on Netflix last week.  Fans of the hilarious and smart-humored "Community" will instantly recognize Dean Pelton actor Jim Rash as the funny but well-mediating host.  He digs up all the dirt you could want on how the shows were pitched, how episodes are written, how teams of writers work, and all the problems in between.

What kinds of TV shows does "The Writers' Room" cover?  Season 1, which ran six episodes in 2013, covers about half the shows I'd want to hear about:

Breaking Bad
Parks and Recreation
New Girl
Game of Thrones
American Horror Story

Obviously, it helps to understand each episode better if you're obsessed familiar with the show, but informative pop-ups provide any information you might need to know about what they're discussing.  Guests include actors, writers, producers, and for one final question, a special guest like an editor from Entertainment Weekly.

2 of these 6 shows were based on books.  Points for you if you know which ones they are.  Extra points if you knew it was a book before you saw the show.  An automatic win if you read the books before they got popular by way of television.

You can catch episodes from season 1 on IMDB via Amazon video here, but it'll cost you.  They're available on Netflix for instant streaming if you're a subscriber.  (If you're not and want to check out the amazing services Netflix has to offer, visit Netflix.com.)

Intrigued by season 1?  Grab your free peek at season 2 right here, which is already airing Friday nights on the Sundance channel:

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