“Dungeons & no Dragons”

A few months ago, Josh found an interesting project on Kickstarter.  The small video game studio Warhorse was working on a true-to-life role-playing game set in 1400's Europe.  The brilliant tagline? “Dungeons & no dragons.  Like often happens in the literary world, Warhorse's gorgeous, well-thought-out project ran into problems with marketing departments.  Was there a demand for a game with no magic and no dragons?

In a nutshell, contributors from all over the world answered with a resounding YES! that funded Kingdom Come: Deliverance over 3 1/2 times its original goal.  (You can see the Kickstarter project here.)

Along the way, the game developers at Warhorse delighted us with videos chronicling game design and features.  One of my favorite videos follows Dan Vávra (and his amazing Czech accent) through the actual locations mapped out in the game.  For anyone fascinated by castles but too poor or busy to travel to Europe to see them, this is the video for you.

With my short story “Prisoners” coming out later this month, this video was like seeing the settings I made up come to life.  Castles of cold stone.  Dark, dirty dungeons.  And since “Prisoners” is now the kick-off point for the series Brutal Worlds, it's a place we'll all get to know a lot better in the next few years.

Enjoy the video tour!  If you want to skip past the video-game speak, the castles and old town start at about 6 1/2 minutes in.  He descends into the dungeon at about 8 minutes in.

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