Long Day in Rehab is here!

Three weeks ago, I promised you my husband Josh's first poetry chapbook.  It's now officially available in paperback and ebook.  This release is so fresh, Amazon hasn't even combined them into one page on their website yet.

As always, the cover (which looks amazing) takes you to the Amazon page where you can browse or download the free sample.  It gives you about the first half of Josh's first poem, Cre(m)ation.  Just the title gives you a pretty good idea of the kinds of word play he does through much of the collection.  I couldn't be prouder, and I'm honored to have been able to test drive the Amazon networks that make this distribution possible.  Even if you don't usually read poetry or don't think you like poetry, I stand by what I said.  You probably haven't read anything like this.

Here's the summary:

Long Day in Rehab is a chapbook of poems that paints a journey of physical & reflective (e)motion. Rehabilitation of any type is a quest of discovery.  This collection uses common threads of imagery & tone to express the impact of such an exploration on those involved.

So grab yourself a copy and jump right in.

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