3 Weeks to Harlequin

Are you ready for graphic #2?  In case you missed last week's synopsis of my upcoming short story, “Harlequin,” here it is.  (If you read it already and you're eager for the second pic of the series, just scroll on down!)

Sylvester is seven years old when he tries on his great-grandfather’s harlequin mask.  And he never wants to take it off.

At thirty, Sylvester is still wearing masks, preferring privacy and anonymity to a normal life.  Professional mask makers Carson and Satine are Sylvester’s only friends.

Then Carson gets an idea: Sylvester should meet Mara.  A burlesque dancer, she wears masks in her act and would certainly understand Sylvester’s obsession with covering his face.

Sylvester doesn’t want to meet her.

Then he gives in.

And everything Sylvester doesn’t know begins to work against him.

 The quote for this week's ad is packed with irony.

Any bets on where this is going?  See if you're right - or just a little off - in 3 weeks when the story comes out.

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