2 Weeks to Harlequin - 4 Days to Our 1st Guest Interview

I hope you're sitting down because I'm about to rock your weekend.  Not only do I have the 3rd fantastic graphic for my new short story "Harlequin," I have an exciting announcement about my blog's 1st ever guest author interview.

You can find graphic 1 here and graphic 2 here.  This week's ad contains a line from earlier in the story, when Sylvester finds the mask that sets off his 20+-year obsession.

Who doesn't love a story about obsession?

And who doesn't like a young author with big, bold plans for her future?  I'm talking about K. Kirchner, the young woman whose book signing I mentioned a few weeks back.  She was gracious enough to do an interview with me, so next Wednesday the 22nd, I'll give you a sneak peek into an energetic mind with a focused imagination.  Her fantasy series is only just beginning with ERA.

As always, you can click the cover for its Amazon page and read the summary.  You can start reading it now with a free sample to your Kindle or other device.  Trust me, you haven't been this excited about lions since Liam Neeson provided the voice of Narnia's Aslan.

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