New Books, New Year

Happy last day of 2013!

I hope you got all the Hanukkah/Yule/Solstice/Christmas/Kwanzaa presents you asked for.  And I hope you saved room on your bookshelves, your Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and nightstands.

It was a great year for publishing, whether you were a reader or a writer.  I published Deadhill in February and XZA: A Novel in October, followed by the paperback version in November.  (You can read the opening pages on the right-hand sidebar.)

Here's what you have to look forward to in the next few months:

January: Green Hill Press will release my husband Josh's first chapbook (short collection) of poems.  If you think you know what poetry is, you haven't read his.  These aren't maudlin ramblings of love and loss.  His poetry is the real deal, and I'd rank it right up there with Viggo Mortensen's Recent Forgeries and George Kalamaras' The Theory and Function of Mangoes.

In February, I'll release my first short story under the Green Hill Press imprint.  I already mentioned “Harlequin" in my interview with Cathrine Garnell, but I'll set the stage again.  It's dark, slightly twisted, haunting, beautiful, and picks at the deepest fear in all of us that maybe we're better off hiding our most vulnerable places.

Have a great New Year's Eve whether you stay in or go out.  Stay warm if you live in the cold.  If you're already toasty warm, especially on a beach somewhere, we in the US Midwest envy you.

For updates on Green Hill Press' upcoming releases, stay in touch with the buttons on the right - Facebook and blog-by-email.


K. Kirchner Book Signing Tomorrow

If you're in the northern Indiana/southern Michigan area, check out the bazaar being hosted at Down to Earth in Granger, IN, tomorrow, Saturday, December 14th.  They're really working hard to support local crafters and entrepreneurs, bringing you holiday shoppers great local food and items.  My husband and I shop there all the time, and we love it.

The author K. Kirchner will be there signing books from 10 a.m. to noon.  I haven't met her yet, but I started reading her fantasy novel, Era, and I'm pretty impressed.  K. Kirchner is an observant writer, and I look forward to reading the rest of her book.  Did I mention she's only 17 and starting her own publishing company?

As usual, click the cover for the summary and to buy copies.  To learn more about K. Kirchner and see her beautiful photography, her website is www.wordsforwrite.com.

Have a great weekend!


A Bookish Escape's Giveaway Palooza

One of my favorite blogs for giveaways and finding out about new YA/NA books is A Bookish Escape.  For reaching over 5,000 Facebook likes, the blog is hosting a fantastic giveaway full of prizes like Amazon gift cards and free ebooks sponsored by author Jacelyn Rye.  Who doesn't like free ebooks?

Click the banner for details.  It's just as fun and colorful as the blog.  Their book reviews are really insightful, too.



Name Marcus Sakey's New Book: Win A Kindle

Marcus Sakey is a writing god in our house.  Our Christmas wish list could probably be described as Marcus Sakey Fest.  (If you're not a big reader, you can still enjoy his flawless flow with words and biting wit on the Travel Channel show "Hidden City."  Mr. Sakey hits all the big cities, unearthing murder, betrayal, and the hidden parts of history you don't want to miss.)

This morning, my husband Josh stumbled across this challenge from Mr. Sakey: Help me name my next book and win a Kindle!

Click the link and the cover of Brilliance for details, but it's no joke.  Marcus Sakey is offering prizes - good prizes - for even attempting to name the sequel to Brilliance.  The book is written, but titles can be slippery, elusive things.  The contest ends Friday at midnight, so go get 'em!  You've got nothing to lose.  And a free Kindle to gain!


XZA Goes Viral

My new book, XZA: A Novel, is spreading like wildfire today!  Check out the interview on Cat's Bookish Blog here:

If you want to follow what I'm up to or connect with me on social media, links are on the right and are also provided on Cat's blog post.  Thank you for your support!


Writer Interview Goes Live Tomorrow

I'm excited to see my first author interview in years go live on the award-winning Cat's Bookish Blog tomorrow.  I'll answer all of your most burning questions:  What is XZA: A Novel about?  What is my writing style?  Who are my influences?  And of course, would I rather base jump or deep sea dive with sharks and no cage?

Check out Cathrine Garnell's other promos and giveaways while you're there.  Today's feature is Muse by Erin McFadden, which has a fantastic-looking cover.  Cat has her own imaginative books for sale, too, including my favorite title:  Basil, the Bionic Cat.


XZA Print Copies Are Go!

I will never know how many hours of writing, rewriting, squinting, designing, swearing, and sweating went into this book, but it all led to today: getting my first paperback copy in the mail.  And it looks beautiful.  So now you, too, can grab a copy of XZA: A Novel in print.

Here's the official CreateSpace order page.

Or you can find it here on Amazon if you have other Amazon shopping to do.

If you want to buy directly from me because you or someone you know with excellent reading tastes (ha ha!) wants a signed copy, hold tight.  I'll be opening an Etsy shop with my husband to offer all the titles we're rolling out under our imprint, Green Hill Press.

As always, thanks for sharing in my publishing milestones.  I hope to see you around Goodreads!