First Novel Release in 7 Years

I'm proud to announce that my novel XZA is available for download on Amazon.com.  It's my first published novel in 7 years, the first full-length work I've put out there under my real name, and the first book of the label my husband and I are putting together, Green Hill Press.

You can read the official summary of the book by clicking the cover.  But since you were kind enough to stop by my blog, I'll give you a little extra insight into what the book is about.  It's about two women, Xan and Jessie, a writer and one of her readers.  They don't know each other, and they have opposite problems.  Xan has a great guy but doesn't want to risk getting hurt by being completely emotionally available.  Jessie's dating a royal piece of scum but isn't quite ready to embrace the idea of being single.

XZA is loaded with pop culture references, many of which you can see here on its Pinterest board.  If XZA doesn't make you laugh out loud and seriously think about crying, I don't know what to tell you.  And I wouldn't be my Grandma D's money-saving protege if I didn't mention that XZA is one heck of a deal.  Between Xan's story and Jessie's story plus snippets of Xan's 3 novels, you're really getting 5 books in one.

And who doesn't like more books?

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