Happy Birthday, Franz Kafka

It's always a good day when you open your Internet browser to the Google search and recognize the picture of the day.

If author Franz Kafka hadn't died in 1924, it would be his 130th birthday.  (Although I'm confident he would've gone at some point along the way.)

The Time online news feed has a great, short article on the meaning of the picture itself, a classic sepia drawing of the man who becomes a cockroach in the widely-known novella The Metamorphosis.  It's at this moment I must confess I've never actually read it despite spending 6 1/2 years in college.  But it's so well known on college campuses, I know most of the story instinctively.  And the Google tribute image only makes me want to read it more.  There's probably a copy of it somewhere around the house.

Amazon's author page for Franz Kafka has even more information about this morose yet fascinating man.  Like most authors who are serious about writing, although he died at 40, he has quite an impressive number of works under his belt.

So whether you're unfamiliar with Franz Kafka or a long-time fan or about to become a fan, take a moment and learn your something new for the day.

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