Free Summer Reads!

Summer was made for reading.  So were cold winter nights, but we'll get to those six months from now.

Today and tomorrow, download your free copy of My Best Friend's Diary for a good beach read.  Sunday and Monday, download Deadhill for free just because you can.

This is how I'm celebrating my birthday this year, with free books for you.  (I love free books, too.)  Pin the picture above to your Pinterest board and spread the word!


Tibetan Sky Burials

I found this short but interesting article on Tibetan sky burials I wanted to share.  It's got gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy pictures in it of the countryside and burial sites.

I never thought much about the multiple ways people bury their dead until I read the Sandman graphic novel series by Neil Gaiman.  The huge differences between cultures was a driving force for writing Deadhill.  It's always a transporting feeling to read about other cultures and their traditions, but it's always unifying.  Whether burying by sky, fire, earth, or water, it's still a way to remember, a way to honor and say goodbye.