Your Review: My Commercial

You might be wondering, what is "My Best Friend's Diary" about? How about a commercial showing you instead of me explaining it only with words?

I'm working on a commercial for it, but the hitch is that I'd love to put some reviews at the end, and I haven't gotten any. That's where you come in. Anybody who writes an honest review about "My Best Friend's Diary" on Amazon, my Facebook page, or in response to this blog entry is eligible to have part of their review included in the commercial. I'll accept entries for the next few weeks, and I'll post when the contest is over.

Does this mean you have to leave a positive review? No, I appreciate constructive feedback and differences of opinion. Your reviews will still be up for others to read, but I reserve the right to choose what parts I use. The funnier or more unique the better. Have fun with it!

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