"Deadhill" Available Now

"Deadhill" is available for you to download and enjoy. As with "My Best Friend's Diary," it's free to borrow for Amazon Prime subscribers. Everybody else gets the lowest price Amazon will let me set.

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Deadhill Cover Debut

This is the official cover art for "Deadhill," which should be coming out in the next few weeks. If you have comments about it, feel free to leave them here or add to the Facebook discussion.

When a young man's murder rocks the strange, small town of Bonehinge, Rowena Necroden fulfills her duties to the community's well-being while leading her own personal investigation into the possible involvement of her vivacious lover, Persephone Hillcroft.


Did You Download Your Copy?

People are still grabbing copies of "My Best Friend's Diary" on Amazon. The more copies that sell, the harder I work on my next short story, "Deadhill." (If spunky, coming-of-age stories aren't your thing, the much more serious "Deadhill" might work for you. If you like both of them, great! I do, too.)

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